Curiosity and Wonderings

5 Ways to Spark Curiosity
in the Classroom (article).

Wonderopolis®, is a place where natural curiosity and imagination lead to exploration and discovery in learners of all ages. Each day, the Wonder of the Day® is posed and students are able to explore it in a variety of ways.


According to the Victorian Department of Education, "Kids are naturally curious and, when combined with feeling supported to ask questions and to explore and seek answers, this curiosity helps inspire learning". 

Scholastic believe "Curiosity is the key to student success both now and in the future.  

Greater Good Magazine, a science based publication from Berkeley University supports the research that there are five specific dimensions of curiosity: Joyous Exploration, Need to Know, Social, Accepting the Anxiety and Thrill Seeking. 

So, what are we doing, as educators, to spark curiosity in our students?  How can we do more and how can we ensure curiosity extends beyond the classroom?

Worldstrides Australia suggests we create opportunities for interaction, see ourselves as co-learners and take the learning to different spaces and environments wherever possible.