Story starters

Ready to get students excited about writing? Story Starters by Scholastic is a fun, interactive tool that generates writing prompts, which include direction on character, plot, and setting. Students simply pull the handle on the Story Starters Scrambler and start writing.

  1. First, students choose one of four themes: Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-fi, or Scrambler.

  2. Then, students type their name and select their grade.

  3. Next, they spin the wheels to generate a random writing assignment.

  4. Students pick a template — notebook, letter, newspaper, or postcard.

  5. Once they’re finished writing, they can print or download their completed assignment.

Scholastic Story Starters is a flexible teaching tool that can be used in a variety of ways to fit your classroom schedule and teaching style. It is an ideal computer lab activity (also availble for iPad), that is highly enganging and sharpens essential student writing skills. You may wish to adopt one of the following suggestions for using Story Starters, or develop your own approach depending on your classroom needs.