What is FISO?

The Framework for Improving Student Outcomes

(FISO) is a unifying framework that has been developed to increase student achievement, engagement and wellbeing  in Victorian schools.

FISO is centred around four state wide priorities, six improvement initiatives, performance measures, and a cycle for continuous learning. 

Excellence in Teaching and Learning

  • Building Practice Excellence

  • Curriculum Planning and Assessment

    • Evidence based, high impact teaching strategies

    • Evaluating impact of learning

Professional Leadership

  • Building Leadership Teams

    • Instructional and Shared Leadership

    • Strategic Resource Management

    • Vision Values and Culture

Positive Climate for Learning

  • Empowering Students and Building School Pride

  • Setting Expectations and Promoting Inclusion

    • Health and Wellbeing

    • Intellectual Engagement and Self Awareness

Community Engagement in Learning

  • Building Communities

    • Parents and Carers as Partners

    • Global Citizenship

    • Networks with Schools, Services and Agencies