Digital Learning Platforms

There is a broad range of digital learning platforms available such as Canvas, Blackboard Learn, Moodle, and Edmodo. The two most popular platforms however, are Seesaw and Google Classroom.   Educators across the world are busy downloading, setting up and preparing to become virtual teach experts in the lucrative online teaching landscape. 


Seesaw is a digital platform that is engaging for students and easy to use for teachers.  Teachers assign or create activities, students complete the activities using a range of highly creative tools.  Student work is contained in individual portfolios.  Families are then invited to see, an comment on, their child's work.  

Seesaw offers a range of options from a fantastic free version, to Seesaw for Schools and Seesaw Plus.  Additionally, teachers can request to do online training to become Seesaw Ambassadors.  This provides a range of benefits, as well as upskilling teachers and schools. 


Google Classroom is a free web service, that streamlines creating, distributing, and grading assignments via a digital platform. The primary purpose of Google Classroom is to simplify the process of sharing files between teachers and students.

Google Classroom seamlessly combines a range of Google Suite products such as Drive, Docs, Slides, Sheets and Gmail.  Students are generally invited to join a class through a private code that their teacher has set up.   Teachers can monitor the progress for each student, and after being graded, teachers can return work along with comments.



Google Classroom: