What are 21st Century Learners?

21st Century learners are: 



Problem Solvers

Risk Takers


Critical Thinkers




Responsible Citizens

Self Autonomous

Intrinsically Motivated

21st Century Learners need rich tasks, differentiation, authentic assessment, probing questions, and opportunites to explore. 


Integrating the curriculum across several subject areas, fuses skills and knowledge, and encourages deeper learning connections.


21st century learners as active constructors of their own knowledge.  They are connected to other learners, they communicate and problem solve, take risks and demonstrate creativity.  21st century learners undertake authentic tasks and rich assessments that highlight their understanding and research skills.  They use multiple technology sources when exploring answers to their questions and are accountable for their answers.  21st century learners are curious about the local and wider community and they are concerned about the world we live in.  They are critical consumers of knowledge and they use this knowledge to question, explore, synthesise, evaluate, and present information. 

AITSL 21st Century education